Savvy Dressing

Happy, happy Friday, loves. Today is no normal Friday, it’s Friday the 13th :O You better be staying away from ladders, black cats (nah, love them), and mirrors (double nah).

I’m spending my Friday the 13th in the most spooky place of all… high school. What’s a kid to do?

Yesterday was the Poetry Out Loud competition at my school. Thank goodness my teachers had the good sense to not have it today. Superstition or  no, I didn’t need any more possible reasons to mess up my reciting. Speaking of Poetry Out Loud, have any of you ever competed? I started last year as a freshman and continued doing it this year. I’m a sucker for anything dealing with literature, and I just can’t say no to teachers when they ask me to do something. If you ever have the chance to participate, I highly recommend it. As one of the judges said, “When you read a poem, it changes your world. When you recite one to others, it can change the whole world.”

I’m not sure if I’m quite so good that I made a such drastic change in the lives of my classmates, but it is an interesting thought.

Anywho, Caitlin typed with a smile.

If I keep writing, this is going to take a while.

And so I am done, but before you do go,

check out my outfit. It’s cute, don’t you know?

– a poem by Caitlin



Cato Blazer similar// Abercrombie Top//American Eagle Jeans



Ta-Ta for now!

Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her. Luke 1:45


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