A Guide to Profiting off Valentine’s Day by the Perpetually Single

Ah, it’s that time of year again. You walk into the supermarket for ice cream and are immediately met with rows and rows of candy, flowers, and giant bears that you will only ever own if someone decides to buy one for you.  The card aisles are a storm of pink and red, littered with cutesy little cards that remind you just how much you wish you had someone to get you that lovey-dovey junk. Maybe you could care less. Maybe you become sad. Oh well, it’ll all be discounted on February 15th anyway.
Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your significant other, friends, or enjoying Single Awareness Day, you can’t deny a lot of money is spent on making it perfect. As the president of my class, here are some of my fundraiser ideas to raise money through Valentine’s Day.

  1. Valentine’s Day/ Date Night Raffle

A raffle is always an easy way to make a significant profit. They’re fun, simple, and you can easily change it to fit your business, goal, or occasion. Be creative with decorating and displaying the items that can be won. You wouldn’t believe how many more tickets you could sell by simply making your raffle basket appealing to look at.  My best advice to you is to see just how much you can get donated before you begin using your already raised funds. Here are some ideas to put in your Valentine’s themed raffle.

  • Candle
  • Gift Cards/Discounts to Restaurants

Remember businesses that regularly help your community and other organizations with fundraising. Chances are they will be willing to work with you too.

  • Cinema Gift Cards
  • Call Your Local Flower Shop for Flower Donations!
  • Discounted or Free Cut and Style at a Hair Salon

Use it to get glammed up for your date, or because it’s free.

  • Candy, Chocolate, and a Teddy Bear
  • Romantic/Romantic Comedy Movies
  • Bath Petals/Bath Bombs/Bubble Bath

There’s nothing wrong with a night in!

I would recommend advertising your raffle as a Valentine’s Day theme rather than a Date Night. That way even your single ladies, and gents, will buy knowing they are getting discounts meant for two all to themselves. Remember to thank businesses who donate by mentioning them in your advertising, or sending them a classic thank you note.

2. Send Someone a (Hershey) Kiss!
This fundraiser is definitely a bit harder to incorporate amongst a wide range of people. My officers and I did this as a whole school fundraiser, and it was very successful.  It’s a lot of fun and relatively easy to do as long as you can stay organized.
You’ve probably experienced the “send someone a rose trick” in real life or in a movie at some point in your life. This fundraiser is quite similar to that, only instead of flowers you are sending “kisses.” Hershey Kisses are much cheaper than roses, which allows more people to buy them. Not to mention they are cheap for you to buy and can be bought in bulk.
Save yourself the trouble of keeping track of who sent what and make all purchases anonymous. This will be easier on you and also adds a bit of mystery to the whole affair. Everyone loves the prospect of a secret admirer… even if your kisses were just bought by your girl squad.
How I Set it Up:
  • Materials- Hershey Kisses, and bags to put them in.
  • Cost- $1 for 5 Hershey Kisses
  • Organization- Be sure to write down to whom the Hershey kisses go to. This way you can double check to make sure everyone is receiving what they are supposed to.
  • Décor- We put the Hershey kisses in cute festive bags.
  • Delivering the Kisses- Talk to your teacher’s about getting homeroom/advisory class lists. Divide the bags up by homeroom/advisory to make passing them out much easier.

Advertise and get people excited about your fundraiser and what you’re doing with the money.






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