6 Best Apps for Productivity


I’m the type of person who always has a busy schedule. I love being involved. That’s not to say I don’t get stressed out A LOT. Still, it makes sense for me to try as many things as I can at this point in my life. As a high school student I have the freedom to back out of any obligations that start to weigh me down. In the “real-world” you can’t just call your boss and say, “Yeah, this project is a little much for me so I’m just going to take the day off.” High school does have its perks.

Here are my six favorite apps for staying productive in school, business, and my personal life!



1.) LinkedIn

This app is perfect if you are looking for jobs, finding new connections, or looking for some inspiration. You can keeps track of everyone in your network and message then directly from the app. You can make a resume on your profile by adding your experience, projects, and skillset. I use it all the time with my business.IMG_7970

I love the articles on the homepage. There’s advice columns, outlooks on the future workforce, and statistics on current jobs. These can be useful to both people looking for jobs, and students planning their future.

2.) Google Drive

IMG_7972 (2).PNG

Google Drive is my go to for any presentation or document I have to make. Drive offers you Google Slides, Google Sheets, and Google Documents. Because Drive is connected to your Google account, you can view your files from anywhere. Before I started using Google Drive, I would always be in a rush to complete an essay in class because the file saved to a specific computer. Now I have the freedom to finish it at home if need be. Compared to Microsoft Office, Google Drive is free. How awesome is that?!

3.) Basecamp 3

If you run a small business, or anything with a few people who need to be connected, Basecamp is the PERFECT app. It is seriously so neat. I use it for my retail store, but it could also be used to connect a group for a project, club, or student council.

IMG_7973.PNGIt’s everything you could ever need organizationally rolled into one, easy-to-use app. Chats around the campfire are more relaxed and feature less important topics. On the message board, you can pitch ideas, give updates, and anything else that is more important. The To Do list and schedule lets you assign tasks to certain people and arrange them in order of importance. Check-in’s allow people to stay on top of their projects. Best of all, this app is free!

4.) Wunderlist

I love to do lists. They are perfect for keeping me organized, but a physical list can be hard to keep track of. That’s why I love Wunderlist. It’s super convenient and, unless you lose your phone, you don’t have to worry about misplacing it. You can separate your work life and your private life into two separate groups, but it doesn’t stop there. You can add lists for everything from grocery lists, to workout schedules.

5.) ACT Prep


If you are studying for the ACT, I highly recommend this app. You can practice with flash cards, practice tests, and study by subject. ACT Prep tracks your progress so it’s easy to stay motivated.

6.) SAT UpIMG_7979.PNGMaybe you’re more interested in the SAT or you want to take both test. I feel you. SAT Up works a lot like ACT Prep but gives you access to SAT specific test material. The identify section lets you easily see where you need more work and gives you score predictions.

What are some apps for productivity  that you swear by? Let me know in the comments!

Ta-ta for now!


Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony. Colossians 3:14


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