9 Tips to Ace Your Next Interview

I have officially spent the last week completely stressing out about two upcoming interviews I had coming up. First it was what to wear, then it was what to say. Should I shake their hands? What if they are sweaty? What do I do if they leave me hanging?

I was a mess to say the least.

Then they were over and I left the room thinking, “what was I so worried about?” 

Interviews are scary to say the least. While I am no where near being an expert, here are a few tips that kept me sane.

Getting Ready:

  • Makeup: In any situation where you are putting yourself up for criticism, it is very important to be confident. If that is by wearing no makeup, or wearing a bold red lip, you should do you. Still, I was always told less was more; do a red lip if it makes you feel good, but keep the rest of your makeup a bit more natural. Or don’t, up to you.
  • Outfit: Ladies, you have the freedom to choose between a dress, pants suit, skirt, blazer, etc. Take advantage of it! When in doubt, channel your inner Blair Waldorf. Haid band optional.

Before the Interview:

  • Know your resume. You spent hours making your resume as memorable as possible, have details ready to back it up!
  • Know information on the business, organization, scholarship you are applying for. If you’re called in for an interview, chances are they are interested in you. Make sure they know you are also interested in them! No one likes a one-sided relationship.

During the Interview:

  • Shake his/her hand. Not only are you taking the initiative, but it’s also polite. If your hands get sweaty like mine do, baby powder is a life saver. Also, remember to breathe.
  • Do NOT fidget. I am definitely a victim of swinging me legs when I get nervous. Cross your feet at your ankles and place your hands in your lap. If your a hand talker, disregard that second part. They won’t stay there for long anyway.
  • Avoid saying “like” and “um.” This one is pretty self explanatory and can be avoided by taking a second to collect your thoughts before speaking.
  • Repeat the question in your answer. Now I don’t mean, “Why do I want this position? I think it would be a fantastic opportunity.” I mean, “I would like this position because I believe it would be a fantastic opportunity.” Why should you do this? Honestly, I’m not sure. My teacher just told me to.

After the interview:

Don’t stress out! Worrying about how you did will only make the wait worse. Think of the best possible senario, or don’t think about it at all.

Best of luck!



For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believed in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16


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