In my long running pursuit for clear skin I came across an article on the benefits of apple cider vinegar.

Perhaps you’ve heard that it can help in weight loss, lower blood pressure, improve diabetes, and even prevent Alzheimer’s. It also can improve your skin from the inside and the out. Now how about that.

Why Apple Cider Vinegar?

For the reason that I am using acv (skincare), the benefits I see come from acetic acids. These acids can kill “bad” bacteria while encouraging the growth of “good” bacteria. Simply put, it’s a natural antibiotic.

Because it’s acidic, acv also can be used as a toner.

Which One is the Best?

You’re going to want to get organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. The bottle should also say “with the Mother,” a leftover bacteria from the fermentation process, similar to sediment in kombucha.

How to Use ACV

First on the list is drinking it. Let me start off by saying this stuff is PUTRID. To make things worse, it tastes as bad as it smells.

You’re definitely going to want to dilute it. I mix 1-2 tbs, depending on how brave I’m feeling, in a normal glass of water.

All you have to do now is chug, remember the benefits, and HOLD YOUR NOSE. It does wonders for taking away some of the taste.

Toner Ratios:

For sensitive skin: Mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 4 parts water

For normal/dry skin: Mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 2 parts water

For oily skin: Mix 1 part apple cider vinegar with 1 part water

I apply the mixture as I would a normal toner.

Final Thoughts

If this was an experiment being graded by my biology teacher, I would probably fail. I didn’t quite using other acne products on this test so I can’t say that it is behind the improvement in my skin. While my acne isn’t completely gone, I have noticed some improvement in my forehead acne (which some say is linked to digestion, hmm). For this reason, and all the other benefits beyond skincare, I’m definitely going to stick to my glass a day.

The toner, for me, was a no go. The smell is too strong to use at any time other than night, unless you rinse it off after use which defeats the purpose. It also left my skin feeling raw and red. But everyone is different!

Have you ever tried acv for skincare? How do you use it? What are some organic skincare tricks you swear by? I’d love to know!



For we know that our old self was crucified with him so that the body ruled by sin might be done away with, that we should no longer be slaves to sin—‭‭Romans‬ ‭6:6‬ 


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